Tennessee Man Films Giant Red UFOs Above a City Street

Tennessee Man Films Giant Red UFOs Above a City Street

They didn’t care who saw them.

Source: Explore.com

The past few years have seen reports of UFO sightings increase enormously. Perhaps it was because everyone was home during the pandemic with nothing better to do than lookout the skies. Perhaps it is due to the ongoing government investigations into the phenomenon, and the release of previously-classified evidence revealing that the military, too, has been tracking these unknown craft.

Or maybe more people are reporting UFOs now because there are more to be seen. Certainly, if even the government is admitting their existence, there is little reason for them to hide any longer. And these, recently filmed above Knoxville, Tennessee, were making no attempt to hide from onlookers. 

In the video, giant reddish lights, “the size of a house” according to eyewitnesses, float lazily over the street in Knoxville, Tennessee. They are making no attempt to cloak their presence, as they move almost in formation before one zips off more quickly to points unknown.

Though some viewers thought that they must be drones of some sort, the man taking the video demurs, saying their size and shape were unlike any drone he had ever seen before.

In the comments section, one man said he had often see UFOs in the area before, but had been reticent to speak up for fear that others would think he was insane. But now that more and more people are coming forward with stories of their own experiences, it has made him comfortable with admitting that he has seen things exactly like this before. 

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Source: Explore.com

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