Is Canadian government covering up UFO sightings?

Is Canadian government covering up UFO sightings?

Is the Canadian government covering up sightings of UFOs?

Source: Toronto Sun

Previously classified “event logs” were acquired by Motherboard under Canada’s Access to Information Act.

They describe sightings of unidentified flying objects by pilots to air traffic controllers and how fighter jets were scrambled to check out some of the objects, only to see them disappear from radar.

Ex-Royal Canadian Air Force pilot Jock Williams, a 36-year-veteran, said the reports were buried.

“Somebody throws it out. Nobody cares,” Williams told Motherboard.

“I don’t see any evidence that there’s any kind of in-depth look being taken at any of this kind of stuff, which means that nobody attaches any importance to it.

“You have evidence of the fact that they’re aware of this kind of stuff; at the same time, you have evidence of the fact that nothing is happening,” he said.

Williams would like to see action.

“These guys are getting paid one way or the other. They might as well be investigating,” he said.

The reports included an Air Canada Jazz pilot saying he saw “three red lights 3,000 feet above him and going slower,” a WestJet pilot “reported a very bright light pass overhead of them” when there was “no other traffic in the area” and a Qatar Airways flight reporting a “UFO” over western Alberta, amongst other things.

A Pentagon report on UFOs was released in June and warned they could potentially be a threat to the U.S. and alien origin could not be ruled out.

Source: Toronto Sun

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