Obama reacts to purported UFO videos, ‘absolutely’ wants to know more

Obama reacts to purported UFO videos, ‘absolutely’ wants to know more

Obama explained how the prospect of aliens might be unifying for humanity

Source: Fox News

Former President Obama in an interview published Thursday said he “absolutely” wants to know more about footage showing purported unidentified flying objects from the Navy.

Obama was answering a question from New York Times journalist Ezra Klein, who hosts “The Ezra Klein Show” podcast. Klein brought up the Navy’s apparent UFO sightings that filmmaker Jeremy Corbell recently leaked to the media, sparking questions about what the Pentagon knows that the everyday American may not.

“It’s interesting,” the former president said of the UFO footage. “It wouldn’t change my politics at all. Because my entire politics is premised on the fact that we are these tiny organisms on this little speck floating in the middle of space.”

Obama recalled a former science adviser telling him, “There are more stars in the known universe than there are grains of sand on the planet Earth” – a point he makes to cheer up staff.

He went onto explain how the prospect of aliens might be unifying for humanity.

“…My politics has always been premised on the notion that the differences we have on this planet are real. They’re profound, and they cause enormous tragedy as well as joy,” he said. “But we’re just a bunch of humans with doubts and confusion. We do the best we can. And the best thing we can do is treat each other better, because we’re all we got.”

The former president added that he hopes the knowledge of aliens “would solidify people’s sense that what we have in common is a little more important.”

“But no doubt, there would be immediate arguments about, well, we need to spend a lot more money on weapons systems to defend ourselves,” he said. “And new religions would pop up, and who knows what kind of arguments we’d get into. We’re good at manufacturing arguments for each other.”

Corbell, the filmmaker who released the footage to the media, told Fox News’ “America Reports” last week that the Pentagon confirmed the videos showing UFOs swarming Navy ships in 2019 as “authentic Navy footage.”

“This is corroborative, censored data that shows and supports the idea that I reported on for the last two months [in] releasing videos, that our Navy warships were swarmed by ‘unidentifieds’ – by UFOs,” he said. “They were never retrieved and we weren’t able to capture them; it’s a real issue.”

Corbell said he leaked the videos in advance of an expected Pentagon report on UFOs and how the military views and is or isn’t dealing with them.

Source: Fox News

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