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Do you like to read? Do you like to read things that make you think? A great friend of mine created this (he can tag himself if he wishes to be identified). ENTER to atTAIN the MENTal clarity of entertainment. ….. One Man Can …. Without further introduction, here is a story for your entertainment.

Do you like to read? Do you like to read things that make you think? A great friend of mine created this (he can tag himself if he wishes to be identified). ENTER to atTAIN the MENTal clarity of entertainment. ….. One Man Can …. Without further introduction, here is a story for your entertainment.

*For entertainment & entertrainment purposes only!!! Not one word is to be taken as anything more than fantasy!!!*

Remember Remember the fifth of November – the gunpowder treason and plot- I see no reason why gunpowder treason- should ever be forgot

This is a fantasy story only containing words… nothing more. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words…. they cut like a sword! This is an unbelievable story containing the power for change all wrapped up in words.

We write the ode to right the code

In a world where the insane have taken over… where has sanity gone? Can sanity be restored to those who have ignored all logic ? And with spirit have become bored? Trading life for the addiction of the consumeristic demagogic?
One Man had hope… One Man believed in truth… One Man saw the crack…
In the spirit of Andy Kaufman… he decided to write a story… a great joke… a riddle… a recipe for psychotherapy.
Would they all get the joke? Would they see the point? Hmmmm?
In a world of fantasy, where lies have become gospel …
The comedians are the last tellers of truth.
“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh… otherwise … they will kill you.” Oscar Wilde
In this imaginary world, everyone has gone mad… but not as a natural process of evolution. An insane criminal organization with great financial backing known as the Unholy Silent Antagonists has taken over the world by using invisible radio frequency emitted through all A.I. Controlled devices and cellular towers. This frequency was frequently pumped into the sea they breathed. This vibrational energy forced the minds of the people into a Beta state making them vulnerable to hypnotic suggestion on a mass scale… creating an army of self-made zombies… unable to think “outside of the nonexistent box”. They became unknowing consumers addicted to chemical poisons simply because the people trusted in those supplying their basic needs… little did they know the greatest “switch a roo” had been executed upon the people. The classic drug dealer move: get the people hooked by giving them great product and then switch it with addictive poison so they will neeeeed more!
*Do you, dear reader, trust YOUR government?* hmmmm…?
The definition of Government is as follows:
the action or manner of controlling or regulating a nation, organization, or people.
The etymology is even more revealing:
A. Govern= control or manage
B. Ment or Mint= Latin for Mind (mental)
So what do we have? All together, class !
MIND CONTROL! That’s right!
(Insert Golf clap here)
Should the people of this fantasy world allow the rich psychotic psychopaths to have the power over their minds when they act as if they are hell bent on sickening and weakening the very slaves they have designed to buy their poisons???
Work buy eat sleep… work buy eat sleep… until you die…sleeeeep…
Would it be a “good” idea to allow slaves to think critically or logically while enjoying full health of body and mind???
Wouldn’t the slaves run off if they were strong and smart enough???
Do you think slaves are content??? Are they utilizing personal consent by remaining slaves OR are they experiencing a mass form of advanced Stock Holme Syndrome???
Have these slaves finally fallen in love with their psychotic slavemasters because they’ve been beaten into submission for so very long??? With no visible way out???
By their own consent???
If a firefighter ran into a burning house and found a family sitting with smiles on around a dinner table… would the fire fighter:
A. Allow these people the freewill to burn alive because they “seem” to be enjoying it outwardly
B. Grab them and drag them out against their will because obviously allowing yourself to burn alive is INSANITY… certifiable insanity
Have these slaves given up on a freedom they’ve never even known???
One Man would not give up…
In this world of illusion, the Unholy Silent Antagonists have been secretly trafficking humans… especially children… using their power and Mooney to buy sell and trade them like cattle. They feast on the blood of the innocents… sucking their inner chi through a dark process called:
S o u l C o o k i n g
When tortured adrenaline filled blood is consumed, they were filled with power. Unfortunately this caused insanity in the consumer very similar to mad cow disease but for humans…
M A D H U M A N disease… if you will.
This process had turned the good people of Mayacube into parasites just like the Unholy Silent Antagonists for they had been secretly turning the people into vampires like they were by sneaking human blood and meat into what the people thought was ordinary food.
The dark scientists found a way to grow human organs inside of a pig… after ending the pigs life and ripping out its foreign organs… what do you think they did with the mutated half human/ half pig carcasses???
“What do you think is in the burger???” Barth – you cant do that on television
They fed the tainted meat to the people… slowly creating a race of brainwashed sick slaves… overcome with insanity.
The thing about parasites is they do not wish to kill the host … no no no … because their food would be gone. Instead they keep their host very weak and sick on the verge of madness so they can feed off of its negative energy. They hide. Unnoticed they drain the host of all life eventually taking over completely… a “silent assimilation”.
The people had been infected and were not strong enough to free themselves from the hold of this invisible intruder…
the parasites had to be brought into the light.
How could these rationally civilized beings allow this kind of evil to parade around unchecked while countless victims piled up???
If only three people were sitting in a room and one of those people went off into the corner to torture rape and eat a human baby… the other two would:
A. Look the other way because it was not their business
B. Let the situation work itself out
C. Allow someone else to deal with the issue
D. “Positive think” the situation “all better” while the vampire finishes the last drop of baby blood
E. SLAP THE SHIT out of the vampire until drinking blood is the last thing on its warped little mind and figure out why the bloody fuck they’d do that ANYWAY
The answer is:
Unimportant for we know how it has been handled.
Now a word from our sponsors:
Are you feeling tired? Sluggish? Just plain thirsty? Try our new product…
S I N o M I X
Sure it’s made of baby parts but mmmm does it taste good!
Brought to you by the Unholy Silent Antagonists
This fantasy society would become so abused by its government and police brute squads called the Police Under Silent Submission… that they would choose silence over a beating. These NAZIs stole the rights of the people under threats of jail or pain, they mixed neurotoxic chemicals into their proCESSed “foods” to keep them from getting inner chi, they mixed pineal killing chemicals into the drinking water transforming the liquid into a cocktail designed to destroy the thinking mechanisms in the people. They had one job… control the slaves at all costs or they would be lynched by the people in the streets of Mayacube.
Most of the people fell in line like good lil soldier ants… hauling food for the queen against their will… most laid down, stuck their heads in the sand… no one wanted to rock the sinking ship…
One Man would not fall in line.
He had a calling… an idea buried deep inside his parasite ridden mind…
Funny thing about ideas…
they can never be killed.
This One Man could read the writing on the wall… the sines…
He would go about his daily life observing… his heart grew sad for his suffering people.
In this fantasy world of illusion, the majority of its inhabitants would carry many years of stored up trauma from the abuse of their world and was not taught the ancient arts of going within… stealing back the inner chi from the demons living inside you and me. This knowledge was hidden from the people to keep them locked inside a box that was not there.
The tell lie vision stations in Mayacube were controlled by the Unholy Silent Antagonists and fear was their tool of choice. They pumped so much fear into the people creating terrified slaves afraid to even breathe.
One Man did not own a tell lie vision
These slaves had only known a world of deception and fear because the ancient ones who knew truth had been erased from their history. The Unholy Silent Antagonists had won the war and their Nazi soldiers secretly crept into the existing government stealing control while keeping the name the same… a sort of “DBA”… if you will.
They rolled in like a Trojan horse and flipped everything into secret fascism. Their plan worked perfectly and no one can blame them for we bombed them first. Their retaliation was much more devious than our attack.
These Nazis were wise warriors knowing exactly how to take control of this once free world. Their tool:

Active measures (Russian: активные мероприятия, romanized: aktivnye meropriyatiya) is a term for the actions of political warfare conducted by the Soviet and Russian security services (Cheka, OGPU, NKVD, KGB, FSB) to influence the course of world events, in addition to collecting intelligence and producing bullshit stories to cause confusion of truth.
Another word for “active measures” is:
They had infected this once great world with full blown fascist lies… giving speeches in front of fascist symbols openly.
The original symbol of fascism, in Italy under Benito Mussolini, was the fasces. This is an ancient Imperial Roman symbol of power carried by lictors in front of magistrates; a bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death.
This tyranny was not hidden very well.
They built a web of lies to disguise all the dying flies for they were the spider.
This new Unholy organization would call their new form of propaganda:
They would lie about everything causing truth to be corrupted and then claim to despise the lies they created in order to cause madness in an already confused population.
They abused the people to such extremes that the abused began to defend their abusers even giving their lives for the ones who dealt their pain.., full blown Stock Holme Syndrome on a mass scale.
All media was under the control of the Unholy Silent Antagonists so they could control the output of propaganda. This was crucial for their plan to work. They knew if they controlled truth then the slaves would believe the repeated lies.
“This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to abusive parents, unthankful, Unholy, without natural love, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good.”
“And for this cause, the creator shall send them STRONG DELUSION that they should beLIEve a lie…”
“That they might be damned who beLIEved not the TRUTH but had pleasure in the LIE.”
These slaves were bombarded Day and night from all sides by the lies… until the lies became a warped mutated corrupted “truth” that the slaves beLIEved.
They would fight to the death to defend their controllers.., zombies… walking dead…pouncing on the living until their virus had taken every soul in Mayacube.
One Man was not dead inside
This LIE was so great and so complex that it would stand as a mighty dark tower looming over all people from all times… the ultimate long con… to rule the world. Awe inspiring and yet evil this fortress of tyranny stood ominous and seemed indestructible from a far. No one approached this altar to an alien god… no one…
Except One Man.
He saw a crack…
In the tower…
curiosity seeped into his mind…
Something began to change within his brain and body…
He pondered in this crack and continued his journey keeping his eye open.
Day after day the One Man witnessed those around him becoming more and more miserable… sick fat depressed angry …. controlled. He felt compelled… a deep need like a fire burning inside his chest to help his fellow slaves.
He began to share his knowledge of the crack in the tall tower.
Little did he realize the strength in the Nazi programming
But he would soon enough
Each time the One Man spoke of the visible crack… his fellow slaves would all say the same things:
“Look man! We don’t have it so bad! Quiet down with that conspiracy talk! I mean sure… the government controls our every step through fake statutes they call “laws” and surveillance cameras on every corner. Yes I know they force us to do labor we despise just so we can make barely enough Mooney to survive… because they control all the banks. I realize our children belong to the state so that they can be programmed to be obedient quiet unquestioning lil slaves just like mommy and daddy being fed mindless propaganda relentlessly instead of being guided to think critically. I know all this!!! I know our food water and air have been poisoned to keep us weak stupid and slow. I know children are kidnapped tortured trafficked raped and feasted on by these vampires! I know the entertainment industry is full of Nazi puppets forced to peddle the consumerism propaganda of the Unholy Silent Antagonists. I realize doctors are profiting from our sickness and not our health… lawyers are liars… priests raped our children… I know I know! They preach of unselfish generosity while hypocritically sitting on a throne made of gold! I know we are beaten and jailed by the Police Under Silent Submission if we fight back! And they even force us to pay THEM for their abuse! I know all this! But what can we do??? There’s no way out my friend! Let it go! Just enjoy what little freedom you have left until it’s all gone… please listen to reason. Keep your head down… don’t rock the boat… fall in line like the rest of us. If not… they WILL make you look crazy. They will crucify you! And I don’t want to get in trouble because I associate with you man. I know life is hard but please listen…”
The One Man sadly replied…
“But you hate your life and speak of ending it all the time. I don’t want a life like yours. Why should I listen to the advice of someone who hates their own existence?”
“Well your life doesn’t look so great to me! Where’s your car and Mooney ? Huh? You have nothing!” The friends would reply.
“But… but… the crack.” The One Man said walking away in sad silence pondering the crack.

Each time he spoke of the crack he was met with the same programmed response from the scared slaves. He was made to feel out of place… like an outcast. All he wanted was to see his people free. Was his brainwashing wearing off faster than the others? Was he really such a monster for speaking of the crack OR was he just…
A H E A D O F T H E C U R V E???

One day he met a man who also spoke of the crack in the dark tall tower. The One Man was excited. The two began to discuss the details of the crack together. What did it mean???
He had a wild look but also resonated truth when he spoke. His name was Heru. He was also tired of watching his loved ones suffer and wished to help. Was his programming unwinding like mine? The One Man thought.

The sun arose waking the One Man early. He felt a strange warm tingle in his chest. What was this???
(Later he would learn that this feeling was once called HOPE by the ancients who lived before the change)
Heru came to visit the One Man and presented him with a gift. It was a small red and white disc. He called it
Heru said that if one ate this tiny disc the secrets of the universe would be revealed to the one brave enough to eat it.
How amazing! The One Man thought.
“BUT… if the Police Under Silent Submission catch you with it… you will be caged! So be cautious…” Heru stated with a serious tone.
G U L P!!!
The One Man swallowed it down just in time to hear the fading voice of Heru screaming
“ Don’t eat it nnnnooooowww….”
It was too late.
Suddenly he was transported to another world full of bright colors and patterns swirling in the sky! Mysterious beings moving like clowns made of light dancing to the most beautiful music! A sense of fear and wonder filled the One Man’s body like a virus made of cotton candy and rainbows!
Just then a being appeared to him out of the mist… she looked like a snake and spoke with terrifying power…
The One Man sat in speechless silence as this snake floated in front of his face… flicking its forked tongue and shining like metal.
She said the One Man had come into this world of illusion to set right what had gone wrong. To flip the script and reverse the curse! To help show them the box they were living in… the web… the matrix! The One Man would have a choice to make. The snake said he would have to think beyond the crack in the tower by looking into the crack if he wished to free his people.
“ ONE MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! But it takes ultimate sacrifice … Can YOU bare this burden to save your people???” The snake hissed while staring into his eye.
Foolishly the One Man said…
The snake drew closer to him and touched his forehead with a shiny golden cross topped with a loop.
The feeling was electric!
The One Man suddenly awoke from what felt like a dream…
Who am I? He thought to himself.

He had heard some of the elders speak of very powerful beings in the past who had come to save the people from slavery by shining light upon the lies. Ancient slaves would hang on to the lie like a wounded animal clutching its prey. Someone would have to show them the truth… but who?
The One Man began to ponder a way to free his people… a way to fight fire with fire… to show them the illusion. Perhaps they would hate him? Perhaps even kill him for exposing the lies they had come to lust after like drug addicted fiends?
They were all mad
Consumed by fear larger than life… sitting on the edge of their seats… awaiting the next big BOOM! Then they would run terrified into the waiting arms of those causing the TERROR

The One Man carries his burden away knowing he had the very key to unlock this matrix of illusion that had enslaved his people… at least that is what the ancient one had said.
Who am I???

The One Man stood in his cube pondering his role in all this

He felt consumed by a desperate need to stare into the crack in the tall dark tower that hovered above them all like a undying thunderstorm. So… he went to the tower… alone.
The tower was heavily guarded from all angles and plastered with giant neon propaganda sines that read things like:
The One Man felt his fear dying like a black shriveled lump of cancer leaving his worn body. He HAD to see inside the crack. It called to him…
He snuck closer and closer… he noticed something odd…the guards were motionless… absolutely still.
Very odd! The One Man thot.
Upon closer inspection he observed that the guards were not breathing! He crept closer… his chest beating like a drum line marching into battle.
He focused his eye…
He stopped in his tracks!
He began to feel the front of his brain start to tingle. He looked around with more focus this time.
Plastic people Plastic guns plastic props!!!
The One Man crept closer… still awaiting some unseen danger.
As he continued crawling up the narrow difficult path to the tower, he noticed one of his old re-education friends waaaay off in the distance. He was waving! Motioning for him to turn back!
Was he trying to get me killed???!!!
Did he truly care about me or was he simply worried about his own safety???
The One Man pondered on friendship for a few moments
Then continued on his path

As he crawled he noticed many strange things. It seemed there were no “real” people… anywhere. No locked doors or windows… there didn’t seem to be any “real” danger there? He pondered yet again…
Why pretend to defend the tower til the end? Would that send the fearful into the wind? Or pretend to mend those with free thinking men?
He stood to his feet… his fear but a whisper now.
Closer toward the crack in the tower he felt its power. He could not cowar because his hour had finally flowered.
Closer … the crack drew him in… like dead lights mesmerized children.
He was finally upon the focus of his intent. What was he about to see? Could he be more than a slave or is he bound like a tree? He was about to see.
The One Man placed his forehead on the crack’s edge to peer deeply into the abyss. It looked darker than the darkest cave he had ever seen. He leaned in… to see what he could see…
What had happened???!!!
Where was he??? Everything seemed…. different!
He rubbed his weary eye and all became clear. A man stood before him… robes in white… shining like the sun! He spoke like thunder echoing through the cave of time…
“CAN YOU SEE??!!!”
The One Man opened his eye fully… a look of fear and awe upon his face…
The light being spoke again with a boom…
“I AM YOU!!!”
The One Man fell to his knees weeping! What was happening???!!! He thot.
The being approached the One Man and placed his gentle hands upon him lifting his limp body into a loving warm embrace.
“Have no fear my friend.” His voice became calm like the breeze.
“For we are one and the same. I am who you are becoming. The One fearless and brave enough to show your people the TRUTH. We can show them the door that leads to a whole new world.”
The One Man dried his tears and stood in utter amazement… staring into the eye of… well … himself!
“But… but… you have wings??!!!” He stuttered trying to catch his breath.
The light being smiled …..
“And so do you”
The One Man laughed and spun quickly around to prove that he indeed did NOT have wings…
“See?!” He said pointing toward his wingless back.
When the One Man turned his head around… a look of ecstasy came across his face… he DID have wings!!!
He again fell to his knees.
The light being spoke…
“You do not see your wings in the illusion of Mayacube because you have been programmed to beLIEve a lie. The so called “laws” of physics are nothing more than clever devious programming designed to keep powerful beings in a mental cage. You’ve been deceived into beLIEving a lie and it is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
“What lie??!!” The One Man blurted our.
“You are NOT WEAK! You came here with great power! Power to bring change to your world by using your weapon! wordSword! The right combination of words told to the right scared people at the right time under the right circumstances will bring the change you seek… the perfect spell cast with pure intent for selfless loving reasons… you are light my friend… like me. But light can only be found in the darkness…”
The light being spoke with a frequency foreign to the One Man.
(He would later learn that the sound he was hearing and feeling was the resonance of truth… something he had never experienced)
“What do I do?” The One Man quivered.
“Teach them what it meant to be human… show them the truth.” The light being smiled again.
“Seek ye order in chaos”
Then the being vanished!

Suddenly the One Man awoke to find himself back home in his cube. His wings were no where to be seen. BUT… he had heard truth! He felt its power! He saw himself perfected and free! Now THIS was a dream he could beLIEve in!!!
He arose from bed without any fear. He felt refreshed… reset… like new! Sadness and anger were gone like a fleeting sniffle. Confusion was clearing as he began to focus his eye.
A NEW unconditional love was growing inside him like a seed… a love for his people yes… but more importantly… a love for himself! He had never known this before! How could he have been so blind??? Trying to love the world when loving himself was not even being accomplished???
The One Man stopped to ponder self love.
He began to realize the real lies with his real eye and he could see that his people were sick. They were in desperate need of a healer. He pondered in the cure.

He was walking home and spotted a thin paper book sticking out of a drain… he was shocked because as everyone knew… books had been made illegal once the WEB was installed to control the flow of propaganda. He looked around and snatched the book so fast he could only read one word on its flimsy rain soaked cover…
Upon reading the One Man pondered the nature of this so-called villain. It seemed as if this villain despised Nazis and their evil space organization known as NASAW. It seemed he was actually fighting corruption in a society built on lies and greed in order to reveal a deep seeded underlying truth.
When the chips were down… these “civilized” plastic people would eat each other! Their moral code was nothing more than a bad joke. He related to these ideas.
The One Man had read many ancient texts in his search for meaning as a slave but one stood out after reading his little picture book. The Joker reminded him of Thoth in the Emerald Tablets. Thoth taught that chaos was feminine inner chi which had been suppressed by those hell bent on world domination. Order was masculine inner chi. A perfect team of darkness and light singing in harmony. Both needed to be whole. Darkness and evil were two totally different things! The Yin Yang said it all! Satan and the creator were not opposing forces in the sense that they battled. They were on the same side. There was no battle because it was a dance! Two joined forces dancing to the symphony of creation. Satan in Sanskrit meant TRUTH and truth is quite obviously also THE ACCUSER for man has demonized the TRUTH in this world of illusion. Lucifer working with the creator to bring light out of the dark… for light can ONLY be found in darkness. Mayacube was out of balance and The One Man knew deep inside that…
One Man CAN make a difference! But…
He paused to ponder the yin and the yang.
He felt a change sweeping through his body like a purging fire consuming a dead forest.
He had been gifted the QI to the cage and it was time to unlock the illusion! Open the Simulation within the Simulation! Open SimSim says me! The ZemZem… ancient waters containing the secrets to unlocking the simulation within the simulation… the small box inside the larger box.
Someone was at his cube!!! How odd??? The One Man opened the door and without warning a sweat drenched fat man broke through the opening dressed like a snake oil salesman!
“ I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!!!” The fat man stuttered trying to catch his second wind.
The One Man froze in silence.
The Fat Man began to explain a very detailed and complex story of deception. He revealed that his slave job was with the Unholy Silent Antagonists But he was a defector. He was part of a secret society of freedom fighters who had been planning a very complicated long con to destroy the Unholy Silent Antagonists. He dreamed of freedom that his ancestors had taught him about… freedom from this tyranny fascist organization. They had been plotting for many years… silently… covertly… to end slavery. They knew how to do this for they had been taught how to slither like the wise serpent in the shadows by the very group that they were against… ready to strike at any moment from their bellies out of the darkness…
Construction workers, masons, priests, police, emergency workers, lawyers, judges, farmers, secret society members, Congress officials, bus drivers, plumbers, electricians, artists, musicians, many members of the alphabet organizations…
They had sleeper cells everywhere… waiting.
“Waiting on what???” The One Man asked.
“We’ve been waiting on the right time and that time has come. We must fight fire with fire! FEAR WITH FEAR! we have been waiting on the perfect ….
VILLIAN!” The fat man panted like a mastiff.
“Who do you think I am???!!” The One man asked puzzled.
“The One” he answered plainly.
(Insert Blank stare here)
He paced his tiny cube…
“How could I possibly change anything??? The issue is too big!”

“We need one fearless enough… without egos control… selfless enough to become the most hated villian of all time! This fantasy world we live in is one big show! A false flag operation designed to hide the truth… like a magic act! It’s all illusion! Actors on a stage! We hide celebrities then put out a false news story claiming their suicide. If one doesn’t wish to cooperate they are killed and sometimes replaced with a robotic version infused with their dna able to live as they lived but under more control. We threaten those we have gifted fame to push the agenda of mind control. For Christ’s sake! 1% of the population controls the wealth!!! All media… all government… all religious organizations at the top… do you think this group would do ANYTHING to incriminate itself??!!! We are smarter than that which is how we got to the position we are in to begin with! The world has been deceived by the Unholy Silent Antagonists for a very long time but now… their time is short! We all know it! We have utilized their own technology against them!” The fat man paused to breath a deep puff from his inhaler.
“Ok here it is… we have been working closely with freedom fighter sleeper cells for many years… quietly. Our construction workers and masons have perfected the art of combining an explosive nanotechnology with building materials like the ones that were used to blow the two towers that stood before the transition to this government. The technology sits patiently awaits detonation. We have IT workers who have utilized the new 5G electromagnetic frequency to act as the perfect frequency for detonation. We have built all their financial institutions… banks, insurance, government offices, police headquarters… on a foundation of the most powerful explosives known to man! Their own buildings silhouetted against space silently await the go ahead…as sleeper cells!
We have also created an army of sleeper clowns…” The fat man gasped again.
“Clowns???!!” The One Man smiled thinking of his lil book.

“There has been many attempts to free the slaves. Charlie Manson and Ted Jaczinski were close but the acts were not big enough to unite the people. The timing was off. This time we have utilized DWaves Quantum Computational Magick to calculate all possibilities and we have concluded that in order to bring change the slaves must see their chains openly! The only way to show them the light is by giving them what they fear most… martial law brought about by the most hated villian of all time… a skilled actor ready to unite the clowns into battle! We need martial law all across the map which is why we picked 9 cities of importance to hit specific establishments of interest. The slaves will be forced to stay in their cubes at gun point. We have been executing false flag attacks for years so we could analyze how martial law would go down… training exercises designed to look very real like that little school where 26 actors had to play dead in order to push our gun confiscation agenda. They will watch tanks, attack dogs and machine gun toting brute squads swarm their cities like maggots on a trash can lid! Helicopters will circle the sky… and THIS TIME they will actually be looking for the villian instead of faking to train. People do die in these exercises but the motto of the Unholy Silent Antagonists is this:
‘If one desires to make an omelette… one must break a few eggs.’
The brute squad leaders actually have the balls to thank the slaves for staying in their cubes! Hahahahaha imagine! As if they could leave alive anyway!!! The right villian would bring the tanks that would allow the slaves to see their chains! We need an Icon big enough… evil enough to unite the people under one common threat. If martial law is declared the villian becomes a prophet predicting the revelation of their slavery and if he is killed… well… he’s a martyr. Both outcomes will bring the desired effect. The people need the push to fight back and showing them this evil will do the job…
They need a villian and a hero…”
The fat man breathed deeply and began to speak again…
“A massive army of sleeper clowns are awaiting a fearless leader. Wolves wait for the leader of the pack to strike and then an avalanche of sharp teeth will follow! The plan is in motion… and all will see the light”
The One Man thot quietly trying to soak it all in.
“Why me???” He asked softly.
“You have learned the secrets of the universe because you were brave enough to stare into the crack in the tower. Nikola Tesla said it best… the universe is Frequency and vibrational inner chi… the secret lies in 369… in Pythagorean’s gematria LOVE equals 369! Unconditional selfless love… it sounds too simple… I know… but LOVE is the key that unlocks this cage. It is the opposite of the Reptilian Brain we have been infected with… fight or flight does not exist in loving beings… there is no need. Live always trusts… hopes… you see the R complex of the human brain did not exist before the moon came into our world. The African Zulus have a tradition they have passed down for centuries about the moon being an egg brought by the great sky snake. It hatched and brought these war mongering Reptilians to Mayacube. The moon is a parasitic space craft which houses the watching snakes. They keep humanity locked in a frequency prison of the mind using Saturns rings to confuse them. The slaves are trapped in lunacy by a brain parasite which resembles the snake. Those in power here work for the parasitic snakes like house slaves… promised wealth if they keep the slaves in order. They drink blood because they lust for immortality like the snakes. This is why the slaves are addicted to tortured animal flesh. It’s blood sacrifice at its most brutal. There is a better way to consume meat and it doesn’t pertain to ritual torture and slaughter. These snakes feed off of humanity’s inner chi. We are their cattle. They keep this system hidden by spraying parasitic H19 co-opted insect eggs from aircraft that fall into the air food and water infecting the brains of the slaves with false implanted memories and confusion. These snakes fear being exposed before they are ready to show themselves as gods to the world. If we can see them through their shapeshifting smoke screen then it’s game over! We even have several Reptilian defectors working for balance. We can live in peace but first we need a villian!”
The fat man paused as if waiting for a reply.
“Sounds like they have a villian already.” The One Man stated smiling.
“They MUST SEE their controllers to see their sickness!” The fat man slammed his fist to the table.
“And martial law will bring this fight! It will bring down the whole house of cards once the slaves see the tanks on their streets not in one city but 9! Spread across the map… at the same exact moment! We must raise the Frequency among the slaves to kill the parasites inside them and the LOVE you have discovered will either kill them or send them home to their red planet! We MUST have chaos before order and light is restored to Mayacube!”

“Sounds like the chaos is already here!” The One Man said.

“I’ve said all I can say… I’ll be in touch… think on this… time is short now.” And with that the fat man scurried our the door.
The One Man sat and pondered in the strange events of the day

The next morning, he awoke early again feeling the warmth burning in his chest. It felt beautiful like a blazing fire. He felt compelled to think… and sort this dilemma. Should he become the worlds most hated villian just to be a hero in the future??! He would become more famous than the Unholy Silent Antagonists’ undercover agent/ actor Ben Loaden… who attempted to pull the biggest illusion of false news to ever hit Mayacube but had failed to unite the slaves. This time… the villian has to appear to embody all the evils of humanity in order to save them from themselves. Perhaps in this world of technological worship a villian like this would go viral! Sweeping the shellshocked nation in sheer terror ! It would bring the world to a screeching halt… economic collapse which would free the slaves.

The One Man needed advice. He called his friend Heru and asked for a visit. When Heru arrived he flashed a tiny red and white disc in the One Man’s face.
“Time to blast off!!!” He laughed wildly as he tossed the disc into the air.
They both consumed the medi-sine and closed their eyes. What would they see this trip???!!!


As their eyes opened and began to focus they saw a council of light beings sitting very regal around a circular table of crystal. One being spoke with a mighty echo…
The One Man stood motionless next to Heru who was quivering.
“There is another way to defeat this parasitic evil! You have the weapon to corner this dark sector of Reptilian overlords into accepting a deal… or leaving your world of illusion. A peace treaty of sorts offered to an enemy who has lost but fears death could be your solution. Offer them a choice…give the slave’s their freedom… and the TRUTH about everything … and they could live in peace in this world together… those who chose to stay would be educated on self love and healing trauma and could assimilate into a loving society of free individuals. They would wear a mark upon their foreheads for the rest of their days so that they could never scheme in the shadows again. Without this mark they could not buy or sell or live in Mayacube. This mark or tattoo would be an ancient symbol for peace that was perverted by these dark snakes. You would make sure the ways of war never manifested itself into your illusion again. Those refusing this mutany would be forced to leave this world… never to return again taking their mind controlling moon ship with them. They would be warned that the people are free and will forever pass down this knowledge to their children. They will carve these truths into rock so future generations will know of these hidden snakes and their ways of war. Although they will forget again in time… all will balance in sine. The evolution of the revolution of the spin we are in. We were all born into sine until the sun became mine. The suppressed technologies of Nikola Tesla and many others will be given to the people. Oil and gas will be obsolete as mankind learns once again how to live on this being they call the world. Her blood will be hers never to be drained by vampires again. Mooney will be destroyed as mankind will learn to share and live in peace… without s form of control over others.”

“And he causeth ALL, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in the right hand or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”


The carbon atom forms the flesh… star dust. The beast system of creation and destruction in this fantasy world. 666… 6 electrons 6 protons 6 neutrons… Reptilian parasites eat the flesh. It has been there inner Chi … the dna code called BLOOD. If one worships the flesh over spirit … they become detached from their source… cut off… from TRUTH by choice. The snake parasite had possessed mankind slowly turning them into walking dead zombies searching for brains or wisdom but finding none. That disease will be cured along with the insanity when these snakes end their experiment. “ the room was quiet.

Then like Magick… both men were standing back in his cube. They had a difficult decision to make. Their vision was beginning to clear as the disc wore off. They talked of the power the ancients spoke about burning inside them both… The One Man began to ponder on inner chi Magick.
Frequency manipulation… the rite or writing of spelling words cast with loving intent! Then the answer came like a bolt of lightning from the heavens!
“I will rite the perfect spell to bind all of hell. The time has come to ring the bell. My weapon my sword… the words my lord… powerful enough to strike the chord. The snakes do watch so we will not botch this plan to eradicate and decapitate the mind of war and hate- until we all relate and we wipe the slate never again underestimate the weight of that which did discombobulate… and we will advocate for the apostate if forgiveness they seek to consecrate. The Reptilian ingrate will then communicate the truth and heal the parasite they did fabricate to humiliate and congregate those who did hibernate.
The One Man proclaimed aloud…
He then knew exactly what to do. He began to write the ode and right the code- reverse the curse by reversing the verse… a simple spell to bind all hell- and heal the sick by ringing the bell!
The One Man began to rite:
Remember Remember the fifth of November…

Far from the end… this is only the beginning

A spell written by US all

From EMN user Shane

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