Mystery object ‘flanked by small UFOs’ filmed passing moon by amateur skywatcher

Mystery object ‘flanked by small UFOs’ filmed passing moon by amateur skywatcher

Conspiracy theorists claim the footage shows an “alien mothership”

Source: Daily Star

An alien mothership has been captured over the moon being flanked by several small UFOs, according to conspiracy theorists online.

In bizarre footage taken by an amateur skywatcher, four objects can be seen travelling above the lunar surface.

There appears to a larger “craft” at the centre while three smaller UFos surround it before disappearing behind the moon.

Amateur skywatcher Skywatch International uploaded the footage to YouTube on August 23.

It has since been re-posted by renowned conspiracy channel UFOmania.

The mystery objects
Bizarre footage has captured several mystery objects above the moon (Image: YOUTUBE/SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL)

“It looks like it is a fleet of UFOs, a large mothership followed by several smaller UFOs,” they wrote in the video description.

More than 6,000 people have since seen the footage and many rushed to the comments section to voice their thoughts.

“They are probably landing at one of the bases on the side of the moon that can’t be seen from Earth,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Most likely alien ships.”

Some suggested it could be the government’s mysterious Space Force in action.

But others claimed the footage was faked.

Bonkers claims that alien ships have been spotted near the moon have abounded for years.

Back in May, a “fleet of UFOs” spotted crossing the surface of the moon was labelled the best footage of the year.

And last year, a mystery object was spotted hurtling across the moon sparking claims alien lifeforms exist.

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