ET Contact During Crop Circle Formation – Barbara Lamb’s Experience

“I was taken in the night time from my bed, taken up through where the wall meets the ceiling, taken out though the air and into a small craft, taken by 3 beings. And I was seated in the craft and then the craft started lifting. I could feel it that we were rising up.”

Renowned Hypnotherapist, Family Therapist and Author, Barbara Lamb, is internationally known for writing and lecturing about thousands of people claiming to have had Contact experiences with extraterrestrials. In this never before revealed encounter, Barbara Lamb recounts exclusively for Earth Mystery News her own personal, first time contact with ETs during the formation of a crop circle in the United Kingdom. This intimate, firsthand account of Barbara Lamb’s own experience is truly fascinating.

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  • Pogo official
    January 14, 2018, 3:32 pm

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