Hillary campaign manager held UFO meeting with USAF generals, rock star and top secret aircraft developer

Hillary campaign manager held UFO meeting with USAF generals, rock star and top secret aircraft developer

The recent WikiLeaks of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta’s, emails have upset and embarrassed her campaign.

It has also brought media focus on Podesta’s interest in UFOs, and one of the most intriguing string of emails reveals a Google Hangout meeting that took place between rocker Tom DeLonge, a couple of USAF generals, and an executive of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works division. Skunk Works is the group that worked with the CIA to build Area 51, and still develops advance, top-secret, air craft there to this day.

(Credit: Center for American Progress)

John Podesta (Credit: Center for American Progress)

Although this meeting sounds incredible, most of the media has been focused on other UFO emails in the Podesta WikiLeaks. In particular, emails from former astronaut Edgar Mitchell. People interested in the topic of UFOs are familiar with Mitchell’s interests in the subject. He often talked about growing up in Roswell, New Mexico and believing the locals who told him they were around when an alien spacecraft crashed in the desert outside of town in 1947.

Mitchell’s interests included other fringe ideas about extraterrestrials, so it came as no surprise to many when emails were found in the WikiLeaks Podesta files requesting a meeting between Podesta and Mitchell. As we have written about – many times – Podesta is also known for his UFO interests. Podeta’s interests seem to be centered around credible investigation. He often uses the term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), instead of the term UFO.  UAP is a term used by scientists and other serious researchers who seek to distance their work from the more fringe elements.

President Obama and John Podesta. (Credit: Center for American Progress Action Fund)

President Obama and John Podesta. (Credit: Center for American Progress Action Fund)

According to Yahoo! News, a friend of Mitchell’s and the people who sent Podesta the invitation on his behalf, says the meeting never took place.

However, a more interesting – some may argue – meeting did take place. This meeting seems to have been initiated by Tom DeLonge, the former front man of the wildly popular rock band, Blink-182. He is the former front man because it seems his interests in UFOs became more important to him than the band and he left it to delve into the UFO mystery.

DeLonge told the Rolling Stone of the breakup, “I couldn’t tell the band I was working with people in the government.”

It appears John Podesta was one of the people in the government DeLonge was working with. Again, this is actually no surprise to those of us in the UFO field. In fact, as DeLonge began to ramp up his UFO projects, he posted about his upcoming media projects. He even absconded a couple of the employees here at OpenMinds.tv to help start a short lived paranormal blog. Other projects include a comic book, a novel and a yet to be released documentary.

Tom DeLonge during an OpenMinds.tv interview. (Credit: Open Minds)

Tom DeLonge during an OpenMinds.tv interview. (Credit: Open Minds)

Much of the shooting for the documentary appears to have been done in January, 2015. DeLonge posted photos of the shooting locations, including a photograph of an interview with Podesta. The caption in the photo reads: “Yes, the President and I discussed Unidentified Aerial Phenomena…” We assume that is a quote from Podestsa. However, since the documentary has not been released, we are not sure what else Podesta might have said.

Image posted to Facebook of Tom DeLange's interview regarding UFOs with John Podesta. (Credit: Tom DeLonge/Facebook)

Image posted to Facebook of Tom DeLange’s interview regarding UFOs with John Podesta. (Credit: Tom DeLonge/Facebook)

This is where the WikiLeak emails come in. The first email in the recent WikiLeaks dump between Podesta and DeLonge is one from DeLonge updating Podesta on his UFO projects. It’s dated October 26, 2015.

The email reads:

Hi John-

Tom DeLonge here, The one who interviewed you for that special documentary not to long ago.

Things are moving with the project. The Novels, Films and NonFiction works are blooming and finishing. Just had a preliminary meeting with Spielberg’s Chief Operating Officer at DreamWorks. More meetings are now on the books-

I would like to bring two very “important” people out to meet you in DC. I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you. I just need 2 hours from you.

Just looking to have a casual, and private conversation in person.

–Here are some photos from the material I am using as I meet with Studio Partners.


Tom DeLonge

These three photos were attached…

Photo labeled image1 from DeLonge's email to Podesta. Click to enlarge. (Credit: Tom DeLonge/WikiLeaks)

Photo labeled image1 from DeLonge’s email to Podesta. Click to enlarge. (Credit: Tom DeLonge/WikiLeaks)

Photo labeled image2 from DeLonge's email to Podesta. Click to enlarge. (Credit: Tom DeLonge/WikiLeaks)

Photo labeled image2 from DeLonge’s email to Podesta. Click to enlarge. (Credit: Tom DeLonge/WikiLeaks)

Photo labeled image3 from DeLonge's email to Podesta. Click to enlarge. (Credit: Tom DeLonge/WikiLeaks)

Photo labeled image3 from DeLonge’s email to Podesta. Click to enlarge. (Credit: Tom DeLonge/WikiLeaks)

This is where some of the intrigue begins. Who are these high level officials, and what are they telling DeLonge about UFOs?

In the Rolling Stone interview referred to earlier, DeLonge says, “I have 10 people that I’m working with that are at the highest levels of the Department of Defense and NASA and the military.”

The Rolling Stone also claims, in their interview, that DeLonge’s recently published novel, co-authored with A.J. Hartley, Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows, “theorizes that alien technology not only exists, but that the government has known about it for decades and has even replicated some of it.”

“Though fictional, it’s written with information DeLonge says he gleaned from ‘sources within the aerospace industry and the Department of Defense and NASA,’” according to Rolling Stone.  “Then he adds, ‘That sentence, specifically, was approved for me to say.’”

DeLonge has been on the famous late-night paranormal talk show Coast to Coast AM, claiming to have incredible insider information about government UFO secrets, but, he has not let us in on who these people are. Many in the UFO field, including myself, were afraid he had fallen victim to the numerous charlatans claiming to have insider information.

One clue to the legitimacy of his sources is a review for his book on the Amazon.com listing. It is from  retired USAF Major General Michael Carey. According to his USAF bio, Carey was the Special Assistant to the Commander, Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, which is also the home of NORAD. Petersen is at the base of the famous Cheyenne Mountain.

Carey writes:

Sekret Machines scratches at the surface of “who do” we trust with our classified technology – certainly our adversaries are aware of our undertakings, as they are doing the same, but what of our citizens, our politicians, even our own military. Tom DeLonge and A.J. Hartley create a convincing narrative describing the “cat and mouse” game that is timeless between strategic adversaries. It has existed under the sea, on the surface of the earth and in its skies, why wouldn’t we believe it occurs in space. Our military leaders have been saying space is a contested environment for years now, perhaps we should believe them!

Michael Carey (Credit: USAF)

Michael Carey (Credit: USAF)

Nothing too shocking there, and nothing indicating Carey has an interest in UFOs. But this was our first indication that DeLonge has at least been in contact with a real high-level government official.

The second email to Podesta from DeLonge in the WikiLeaks dump is dated November 16, 2015. This one is actually an email forwarded to Podesta from a special assistant to Hillary’s campaign, Milia Fisher. It is an email written to her and another aide from DeLonge. In it, DeLonge is again asking to meet with Podesta and says he would like to bring along someone important. He also suggests Steven Spielberg – another UFO enthusiast – would like to also attend.

The email reads:

I created this teaser as a way to open conversations and excite Spielberg’s people. It worked. I just left my meeting at DreamWorks, and they are very, very interested.

On another note, I have somebody important that is willing to fly out and meet with Mr. Podesta. A member of my Committee. I am awaiting a time in January that might work for Mr. Podesta. My goal is for Spielberg to be there, too. And if not him, somebody of his stature. Please show Mr. Podesta this private teaser. Let him know that I am spending all afternoon interviewing a scientist that worked on a spacecraft at Area 51 tomorrow.

https://vimeo.com/145495599 PW: SM


Tom DeLonge

We have no indication that either of these two emails actually resulted in a meeting. However, it appears DeLonge finally did get a meeting in January of 2016.

In an email dated January 24, 2016, a man identifying himself as Neil McC, sent an email to Podesta and a group of people who appear to have been invited to a meeting via Google Hangout. Neil’s email was to clarify the time of the meeting which was to be held the following morning. Listed as attendees were Tom DeLonge, Neil, Fisher, Podesta, a man named Rob Weiss and Carey (the former Major General who wrote the review for DeLonge’s book).

Rob Weiss (Credit: Rob Weiss/LinkedIn)

Rob Weiss (Credit: Rob Weiss/LinkedIn)

From this email we can tell that Podesta setup the meeting, and the other attendees are quite fascinating. Rob Weiss can be found on LinkedIn using the email in the WikiLeaks. There, his job title is listed as Executive Vice President & General Manager Advanced Development Programs (Skunk Works) at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. Skunk Works is the group that built Area 51 at the behest of the CIA, and for decades has worked on developing top-secret advanced aircraft.

Another WikiLeaks emails helps us confirm who Neil McC is. In an email also dated January 24, 2016, a woman named Susan McCasland Wilkerson accepts a request to the meeting. She can be found on Facebook, and is the wife of  Major General William N. McCasland. His middle name is Neil, which, according to his Facebook page, is the name he apparently goes by. According to his USAF bio, he is the commander of the U.S. Air Force’s research laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Wright-Patterson AFB has a rich history in UFO folklore as it was the home of the Air Force’s official UFO investigations from 1947 to 1970.

William Neil McCasland (Credit: USAF)

William Neil McCasland (Credit: USAF)

Whoa! Right? DeLonge is getting a meeting with the head of a research lab famous for UFO research, a man who worked for the head of Air Force Space Command, a man who is in charge of the people who run Area 51, and the campaign manager of the person who is, apparently, as of today, likely to be the next president of the United States.

Remember, DeLonge claims to have insider information that the government knows about, and has back engineered, alien technology.

We do not know for sure what was discussed in that meeting, yet.  We also do not know for sure who attended. However, one last email indicates that the meeting did take place, and at least Podesta, DeLonge and McCasland were present.

This email is dated January 25, 2016, the day of the meeting.  The timestamp is 16:04 in the afternoon, indicating that the email was sent after the meeting. The content of the email shows that DeLonge seemed a little disappointed about McCalsand’s contribution to the meeting.

DeLonge wrote to Podesta:

He mentioned he’s a “skeptic”, he’s not. I’ve been working with him for four months. I just got done giving him a four hour presentation on the entire project a few weeks ago.

Trust me, the advice is already been happening on how to do all this. He just has to say that out loud, but he is very, very aware- as he was in charge of all of the stuff. When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of that exact laboratory up to a couple years ago.

He not only knows what I’m trying to achieve, he helped assemble my advisory team. He’s a very important man.


Tom DeLonge

Although Delonge is implying he was disappointed with what McCasland shared in the meeting, what he shares here about McCasland is quite revealing. He alludes to Roswell, giving the appearance that DeLonge believes that event was significant. One might assume that DeLonge is implying he believes an alien spacecraft crashed at Roswell, but we cannot be certain given only these few words. DeLonge also implies that McCasland knows more about the Roswell incident than he is willing to share publicly. It makes one wonder, what has he told DeLonge.

Besides the Roswell thing, DeLonge does say that McCasland is aware of his interests, which we know are UFOs, aliens and the government back engineering alien technology. Despite the fringe nature of DeLonge’s interests, DeLonge clams McCasland helped him acquire advisors to look into this issue.

A man in charge of research labs at an USAF base rumored to have housed alien spaceship parts and alien bodies is helping a rock star who is trying to prove these rumors to be true? WTF?

The Air Force Materiel Command is headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

It is a strange world my friends, and it keeps getting stranger.

The FBI has accused Russia of being the culprits behind the recent hacking of emails from members of the Democratic Party. And although there has yet to be a challenge to the authenticity to these alleged Russian hacked WikiLeaks, Podesta has said that some of the emails do not appear to be accurate. However, he says he does not have the time to go through the thousands of emails that have been released to authenticate every one.

Thus far, none of the attendees of this meeting have verified it did indeed took place. I have inquiries out, and I will let you know if I receive a response. Others are also keeping a close eye on Delonge’s and Podesta’s social media to see if they comment. I recommend you do the same, and let us know if you see something.

Personally, I commend DeLonge for his efforts. Many of us in the media who are interested in UFOs have been seeking to interview Podesta on the topic. It is great that DeLonge is doing more than just going to take a look at Area 51, or visiting Roswell. He is out there working on finding answers. Hopefully, he will share his findings with us in a non-fiction media project soon.

Source: Open Minds

David Aragorn

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