Wikileaks reveal powerful UFO disclosure emails

Wikileaks reveal powerful UFO disclosure emails

Why did Apollo 14 Astronaut and musician Tom Delonge want to meet with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chair?

Toronto [ZNN] Canadian researcher Grant Cameron and several other key players have uncovered Wikileaks emails indicating Apollo 14 astronaut, the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell and musician Tom DeLonge made attempts to meet with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.

The Wikileaks emails appear to reveal that Mitchell and Delonge made their own independent attempts to discuss UFOs, Zero Point Energy and other issues surrounding the full disclosure of the UFO/ET matter currently being covered-up by the US government.

Cameron says the Wikileak emails are authentic. This has been corroborated by at least two other sources.

It is clear both Delonge and Mitchell were keenly aware of Podesta’s desire to achieve UFO disclosure while he served as an advisor to President Obama and now, on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton.

According to Cameron, one of them was successful in their attempt to meet with Podesta and high powered military officials.

Source: ZLand Communications News Network

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