Did NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Just Admit To Seeing Aliens During His Year In Space?

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who just spent 340 days in space, may have casually admitted to seeing aliens during an interview about his time on the International Space Station.

A YouTube video from the channel Paranormal Crucible shows Kelly’s cryptic alien comment during an interview about his mental and physical reaction to spending almost a year in space.

“Adjusting to space is easier than adjusting to Earth for me. I don’t think I ever felt completely normal up there. I think coming back to gravity is harder than leaving gravity, so maybe the aliens got it a lot easier than we do.”

The video’s narrator says Kelly was forced to be subtle in his revelation because of an intergalactic cover-up by the government and NASA designed to hide the truth about aliens from the masses.

NASA astronaut may have seen aliens in space.

“We can only speculate if Commander Kelly did in fact encounter any ET ships or entities during his record-breaking mission in space, but it is reasonable to assume that all the ISS and space shuttle crews have witnessed some kind of ET event during their missions into the void of space.”

The video also questioned NASA use of a Microsoft virtual reality game that trained astronauts to fight off space aliens; it points to the HoloLens game as further proof NASA knows aliens exist.

“Why would NASA create such a violent game, especially one with a terrifying scenario.”

NASA explains the use of the virtual reality headsets by saying astronauts were testing the software for use in mission critical systems as part of Project Sidekick, a collaboration between the space agency and Microsoft.

This isn’t the first time alien and UFO aficionados have used evidence from NASA astronauts as proof of extraterrestrial life.

A photo tweeted from the ISS by Kelly on his 233 day in space on Nov. 15 of last year shows a UFO, alien aficionados claim.

Source of Tweet: Scott Kelly’s twitter

The picture shows the night side of the earth, but in the upper right hand corner an anomaly appears to show a strange cigar-shaped spacecraft with two lights on each end.

That theory may have been debunked by a story from Forbes that points out it’s almost impossible to take a photo from the ISS without also capturing an overhanging piece of the station itself.

That means the supposed UFO was probably either part of the station or a reflection of part of the station.

That’s disappointing news for UFO aficionados, but it doesn’t rule out the existence of aliens or the theory that they’re monitoring NASA astronauts; we may even be close to discovering their existence as British astronaut Tim Peake told the Express.

“There is a high chance we will soon discover there was – or is – life in our solar system.”

Major Peake, who joined Scott Kelly on the ISS in December, said there is a serious possibility of extraterrestrial life on Mars and he wants to get there to find it.

If aliens do exist, they may not have visited earth yet as Scott Brando told the Express every single UFO photo can be explained away by science.

Brando runs the website UFOofInterest.org and says he’s been studying supposed UFO photos for years in the hopes of proving the existence of aliens, but unfortunately has found no actual proof.

Whether aliens actually exist or not, the truth is out there, we just have to find it.

Source: Inquisitor

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