Strange Light Beam Scanning Car Caught On Security Camera

EMN is reaching out to our vast audience of experts to determine what the light source is?

Earlier this year Earth Mystery News posted the firsthand account of Experiencer and Contactee, Osie. Shocked and in fear by her first contact experience after returning home from work one afternoon and seeing beings walk into her bedroom, she immediately called 911. They looked like people, but she knew they were something else. No hair. Taller than her. And they just appeared. That interview can be seen below.

Not long after this August interview in 2015, Osie was housesitting for her friend, Nancy, along the Guelph-Kitchener corridor in Ontario, Canada. Nancy owns horses and so her property is more remotely located in the countryside off the highway.

While checking her security camera while away, Nancy noticed some strange lights scanning the car in the driveway. She called Osie to make sure everything was alright, which it was. Osie was not aware of any people or vehicles approaching the house along the long, curving driveway where the car is parked.

Upon returning home both Nancy and Osie reviewed the security camera together.

EMN is posting this Blackberry camera recording of the computer screen while watching the security camera together. EMN is reaching  out to our vast audience of experts to determine what the light source is?

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.

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Video of Osie interview by Sid Goldberg, EMN 2015






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