UFO Disclosure in Today’s World of Fascism – Richard Dolan “live”

“A US led Disclosure, in all likelihood, is not going to be a good thing for the world”

In this EMN exclusive recording of the The Richard Dolan Show ‘live’ on KGRA radio, Dolan confronts the reality that the world is becoming fascist. There is a current shift towards a modern form of fascism in the world where fear is the new normal. What does it have to do with Disclosure? Everything!

“We are better served with a foundation of truth rather than a foundation of lies”, Dolan muses thoughtfully. Millions of people have interacted with this phenomenon literally for decades if not more. People have been ridiculed and shamed for their experiences. We are better served with the truth than with lies.

Dolan addresses the global rebranding of the UFO phenomenon and the implications of a US led Disclosure in today’s political and fiscal climate. This is Dolan at his best. Raw. Uncensored. Telling it like it is.

“The ET question is the secret sauce that flavours the bad meal known as geopolitics.”


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Photo and video by Sid Goldberg

Sid Goldberg

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