If You Could Generate A Sound That is 1,100 dB It Could Create A Black Hole!

If You Could Generate A Sound That is 1,100 dB It Could Create A Black Hole!

It might be possible to create a black hole here on earth, but would we want to?

Being able to create a tactical black hole has been the dream of every intergalactic warlord and psychopath since Lord Gorignac eliminated the peaceful planet Sagan Prime. No wonder every tyrant wants one. No muss, no fuss, no tentacles on the ground. Whip up a singularity, place it anywhere near your target and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to increase your shield strength by 3000% to compensate the insane amount of Hawking radiation that will flow from that bad boy.

Jokes aside…

Could something as innocuous as sound be the harbinger of a planets destruction?

Physicists have theorized that a sound of 1,100 Db would rip space-time and create a quantum singularity (Black Hole). Sound being used to facilitate the ultimate weapon.

Humans have actually tried to create black-holes in the laboratory. I’ll highlight two of these attempts here:

  • A physicist at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, named Jeff Steinhauer, used a collection of rubidium atoms that was cooled down to near absolute zero temperatures, to create something that behave as a single, fluid quantum object and so can be easily manipulated. He manipulated this fluid (Bose-Einstein condensate) to flow faster than the speed of sound. Doing so, “trapped” the sound-waves traveling opposite to the flow and thus creating a stand-in for the gravitational event horizon of a black-hole.
  • When particles are accelerated, they gain mass (based on E=MC2). When two protons are accelerated, their gain of mass subsequently results in the bending of space around them. When they collide, a sufficiently high concentration of mass results, which creates a miniature black-hole. This can be done in a Large Hadron Collider. It is backed up by computer simulations mentioned in a paper by Choptuik and Pretorius, published on March 17, 2010 in the Physical Review Letters.

So even us primate scientists with only a few hundred years of technology are playing around with the baby steps of black hole formation.

First of all a sound of 1,100 Db would require 10^98 watts/sq meter. That is an absolutely insane amount of power, far in excess of what we can  currently produce, and is many of orders of magnitude greater than what a supernova creates.

So it is beyond us at this time, but it would not be beyond a type 3 interstellar civilization. Now how would they create a black hole?  By E = mc^2.

Put enough energy into a small enough area and it would be the equivalent of putting mass in that area, causing immense gravity. With energy as great as 1100 dB, it would create enough gravity to cause a black hole to form, and an incredibly large one at that. Matter and energy are interchangeable (E=mc^2). The black hole doesn’t care if it’s a great amount of energy or mass, it will still form.

Let me give you a measure of what 1100 dB means. Decibels are a logarithmic unit.

That means 20 decibels isn’t 2 times more powerful than 10 decibels, it’s 10 times more powerful. That means 1100 dB is 10^109 times more powerful than 10 decibels.

That is 1 with 109 zeros after.

10 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 000000 times more powerful.

A sound wave that strong would have to compress air so dense that the rest mass plus the kinetic energy would mean that the mass of say a cubic meter of air would fall inside it’s own Schwarzschild radius. When a mass of an object is compressed within it’s Schwarzschild radius, the escape velocity required to escape the sphere of matter the compression creates would exceed the speed of light, thus a black hole is formed.


I can almost imagine a series of massive black holes radiating out from their doomsday ‘sound’ generator weapon, their humongous size and separation being determined by the frequency of your ‘sound’.  Black holes coming out of the weapon like bubbles from a bubble shooter.

To give you an idea of the sheer enormity of  10931093 watts, the entire Universe, if it’s total mass were converted into energy in one second, would generates around 10701070 watts.

For perspective, a type 1a supernova gives off about 10^44 Joules of energy (in a single explosion). That means that, in order to get to 1,100 dB, you would need to have 10^54 type 1a supernovas exploding every second for each square meter of surface area.

Sounds like it would be impossible to ever generate that kind of energy…but is it? It would be in the realm of a type 3 or higher civilization.

These types of energies are not possible in what we would think of as an atmosphere. 1100 db is possible only when you consider more exotic environments. Pressure variation from the reference to the value of 1.56*10^(47)Pa. But I would say this is may be possible in alien atmospheres filled with different exotic fluids, which we have not discovered yet.

I suspect in the vastness of space there can lot of local atmospheres formed with heavily dense fluids and that may create the value of 1.56*10^(47)Pa as atmospheric pressure. The problem of creating an appropriate medium for the vibrational energy to propagate would not be a show stopper for a Type 3/4 civilization. They would bring it with them or generate it onsite of where they want to fire their doomsday weapon.

I would hope that any civilization that reaches the pinnacle of Type 3 would not have a need for something like this. But maybe with more power comes more powerful enemies…who knows. But if you just absolutely positively have to kill that mo-fo planet or entire galaxy this would be the way to go.

Source: The Angry UFOlogist

David Aragorn

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