My First ET Contact – 6 Years Old

“What ever this phenomena is, it moves in and out of the reality that we’re familiar with”

Mind control is often associated with abduction experiences. That’s not to say that these experiences are only happening in the mind. There is often a blurring of experience between the physical and some other quality whereby how the mind normally perceives reality shifts into perceptions that do not fit a conventional paradigm.

From age 6 until 47, Kelly (not her real name) has had a number of vividly powerful contact experiences. Now at 68-years old, Kelly describes her first contact episode.

On a family outing in the foothills of California, 6-year-old Kelly, her 10-year-old brother, and her mother and father all saw a flame-like object streak across the sky. Her dad thought it might be a plane crashing on top of the hill. They packed up the car and drove up an old fire road to the mountaintop.

What Kelly describes from that point forward is where linear time and thinking merge into an experience of high strangeness.

For the first time ever talking on camera, Kelly shares her first contact experience as a 6-year-old for this EMN exclusive.

Sid Goldberg

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